Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Application Autobiographic Questions

Just a few of my repsondes to the questions on my major application

1. I’ve known throughout most of my life that I wanted to teach the question was always where. I started out as a music education major but didn’t feel that the path I had chosen was the right one and I began looking at other possibilities. When I saw the special education major I reflected on some experiences I have had. I volunteered at a youth conference with the Special Olympics and loved it. I’ve worked with adults with disabilities at a professional level. These people made it easier to make this decision. I love working with them. I then decided that this was the right path for me. Being a special education major would allow me to help children that really need help. As I’ve worked more with students with disabilities, my decision as been reaffirmed. I’ve worked with mild/moderate and severe students as I’ve been trying to decide which track I want to take. Although I’ve loved every minute of my experiences, I really enjoyed working in resource rooms in different schools the most. I love having the opportunity to help struggling students and the tools and programs that are becoming available are amazing.

3. I grew up in the Los Angles area and around many people from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. I was taught to not look at people because of their background or socioeconomic status but who they are. Because of what I was taught, I try my best not to judge people before I get a chance to know them. As a teacher that can be the hardest part. In some of my classes, I’ve learned that teachers have to be aware of themselves and who they are. They need to be aware of their students and try not to come across as my cultural and background in better then yours. During my school years, I’ve had the opportunity to tutor kids. I learned that all kids are special and have something to offer to the world. I must remember that Heavenly Father loves them and cares about them. He doesn’t care where they are from or what they look like, he loves them for them. I need to be able to channel that love and let it reflect in my teaching. I need to look to see what our Heavenly Father sees in them. My roommate is student teaching right now. She has told me that sometimes the students that she works with can be difficult and can try her patience but if she can remember that each child is special then she is given the patience and love to teach them.

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