Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Science Lesson Plans

6th Grade

Standard 5
Students will understand that microorganisms range from simple to complex, are found almost everywhere, and are both helpful and harmful.

Objective 1
Observe and summarize information about microorganisms.

Examine and illustrate size, shape, and structure of organisms found in an environment such as pond water.

Compare characteristics common in observed organisms (e.g., color, movement, appendages, shape) and infer their function (e.g., green color found in organisms that are producers, appendages help movement).

Research and report on a microorganism's requirements (i.e., food, water, air, waste disposal, temperature of environment, reproduction).


Students will...

use the digital microscope to look at swamp stuff. Have the students identify the different organisms as amoebas, protozoas, etc.
Digital Microscope

use the pictures from the digital microscope to draw and label the amoebas (create a "pond" on the ceiling or wall with blue paper. Have the students place their drawings of organisms in it)
Colored Pencils

act out groups of amoebas and how they move- video tape it (Possibly like charades. Have students guess it.)
Video Camera

research (using a computer) one simple, and one complex-
Create a Venn diagram comparing the similarities and differences
Computer (Word Document)

make a powerpoint showing what they learned-- include a video, comparisons, etc.
Powerpoint (Computer)

make an edible microorganism and tell 3-4 other classmates all of the parts (possibly include paper strips with labels) Make a class scrapbook containing pictures of each students edible microorganism

make microorganism flashcards (stats like a baseball card) Include a picture. Have the students make several so that they can swap with the other students in the class.

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