Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 11 PLE

Create a PLE Blog post explaining what you learned about TPACK. Be sure to explain each of the constructs in the framework (e.g. PK, TK, etc.) and provide and explanatory example of each.
Pick at least one example of teaching from your past and explain it using the TPACK framework.
Also discuss the representations that various technologies afford. Think about the technologies you have explored in this class and state what representations of content they provide and why these particular representations would be useful in learning the content you are trying to teach.

Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge

PK(Pedagogical Knowledge is knowing how to teach.)
CK(Content Knowledge is knowing the facts about a particular subject.)
TK(Technological Knowledge is knowing about different technologies and how to use and apply them.)

The TPACK method uses all three knowledges at once for a dynamic learning experience. Representations of different technologies include technological, visual, auditory, dynamic, and multimodal.

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