Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 10 PLE

We will explore some additional free online tools which you can use in class. You will create a post on your PLE blog on three technologies you have explored. Answer the following questions about each of the technologies you have explored:
What is the technology called?
What does it help you do?
Where can it be found?

1. Prezi: A web-based presentation tool that uses and map layout and zooming features to show contextual relationships. It's basically like a big powerpoint presentation where you can scroll from slide to slide. Available to download at

2. Mindmeister: A web-based presentation tool that uses the mind mapping concept to create diagrams for projects. You could use this program and create a mind map as the class tells you what to type. Available for use at

3. Gliffy: A web-based tool used to create flow charts and other graphic organizers. Available to download at

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